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What is the “Cloud” ?

It is where smart systems have been set up to do the things that you need to do – BUT the difference is that you can access them all from wherever you are. See Xero’s guide to what it is all about.


This may not sound like much of a difference but the gains are massive:

    • You will:
      1. NEVER Have to install an upgrade
      2. NEVER have to Copy your data from a backup
      3. NEVER need to Update your data when you move machines

  • Your machines can crash as much as they like – your accounts are just as accessible as before

  • You can access your accounts from your phone / iPad/ your pal’s laptop – wherever

  • Best of all – as the systems are on the web – so they can talk to each other – if you have a mainstream web app you can probably link it to another:

  • Example: a new customer in Xero creates a new customer in a time-tracking or project management web app let us show you how this can work

  • Example: Your Bank updates your accounts system automatically – it “Feeds” Xero

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