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10 great things about using Xero:

  1. Will work on any computer system, tablet or phone
  2. It takes the time out of data entry
  3. Your bank data is sent into the Xero System directly – you don’t need to key it all in
  4. You raise an invoice and – “ping” – your client has it – not an e-mail attachment but a little window into their account on your Xero!
  5. Another “ping” – they have paid – you can set up payment process, eg Paypal, even with a “Pay Now” button on the invoice!
  6. Receipt Bank puts your receipts & supplier’s invoices straight into your Xero system
  7. Need to query a bill or receipt? One click and there is the pdf / picture / scan of that original supplier invoice or till receipt
  8. Your Xero links direct with Naked Accounting meaning help is only ever a ‘click’ away
  9. With our “bundled” service there is NO software cost for you, and you can
  10. = less stress, more life

This is just the start…. it gets better for the functionality and control you can have running your business. Accounting is actually starting to sound interesting!

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